1. If there are any changes to your original quote or when you haven’t received a quote upfront, Mobile-tech will contact you before commencing any work.
  2. A non refundable service fee of E30 will be charged in the event of your device was liquid damaged even if is unable to repair.  E10 for mobile phones and E20 postage and packing fee will be charged if you are not accept our quotation and we have to send you back your device.
  3. Mobile-tech is not liable for any data loss. Mobile-tech always recommends to make o back up before sending your device in for repair. Please make sure that you have removed your sim card and/or memory card from your phone. Mobile-tech does not accept responsibility for loss of these items. If Mobile-tech does not receive payment within 30 days after invoice date we recognize that you have agreed to forfeit your phone in lieu of payment and Mobile-tech will reserve the right to recycle your device.
  4. Mobile-tech will guarantee for 30 days for parts and labor done on your devices. Warranty cover only parts which was replaced during repair process. We not guarantee for any other faults which appear during 30 days warranty on devices which are not related with our repair ,especially if device before was physically damaged, bent or with moist inside.